• 15 May

    Chemical Cost Calculator Now Available

    Chemical Cost Calculator Now Available

    Attention:  KO Sales Team,  Technical Representatives, and Distributor Network

    Calculating and analyzing chemical costs are critically important, however can be time-consuming and confusing.  Introducing KO’s all-new Chemical Cost Calculator available now online.  This powerful new tool allows KO’s staff and Distributor Partners to calculate the chemical cost per usable gallon and the chemical cost per application for a given product within seconds.  Once a calculation is made, users can simply email or print the computation with a click of a button.  A quick reference chart is also available that displays usable gallon costs at the various dilution ratios that are most common in the car and truck washing industry.  Login to the Distributor Toolbox to access this market-specific tool and begin calculating chemical costs easier and faster than ever!

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