• 13 Feb

    Eco-Friendly – ULTRA™ Green Cleaner

    Eco-Friendly – ULTRA™ Green Cleaner

    Looking for a cost effective Simple Green™ alternative?  Ultra™ is our most environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner and degreaser designed for a number of industries and applications. It is a mixture of synthetic detergents, solvents, sequestrants and corrosion inhibitors which act together to handle many types of soils. Ultra’s unique formula makes it safe for nearly all surfaces, including highly polished aluminum.  This product  is biodegradable, VOC exempt, non-toxic, non-butyl, phosphate-free, contains no phenols, & non-hazardous.  Call (800) 777-SOAP (7627) or CLICK HERE for more information.

    Simple Green™ is a registered trademark of Sunshine Makers, Inc.

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