• Eco-Friendly – ULTRA™ Green Cleaner

    Looking for a cost effective Simple Green™ alternative?  Ultra™ is our most environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner and degreaser designed for a number of industries and applications. It is a mixture of synthetic detergents, solvents, sequestrants and corrosion inhibitors which act together to handle many types of soils. Ultra’s unique formula makes it safe for nearly all surfaces, including highly polished aluminum.  This product  is biodegradable, VOC exempt, non-toxic, non-butyl, phosphate-free, contains no phenols, & non-hazardous.  Call (800) 777-SOAP (7627) or CLICK HERE for more information.

    Simple Green™ is a registered trademark of Sunshine Makers, Inc.

  • Frozen & Refrigerated Warehouse Floor Cleaners

    Through R&D and field-testing, KO Chemists have developed a safer, more effective cleaner for cold storage freezer & refrigerated warehouses.  These unique formulas are non-poisonous and meets USDA standards.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.   Or call (800) 777-7627 ext. 122

  • Truck Washing or Fleet Washing?

    From pressure washing to fully automated truck wash systems, KO has the products and expertise to help keep you cleaning profitably.  Look for our recent flyer in the mail or CLICK HERE FOR THE TRUCK WASH MAILER. 

    Contact KO’s Fleet Cleaning Expert, Tim Kelley today! 
    Phone:  800-777-7627 ext. 122
    Cell:  417-839-8900
  • Carwash Glossary

    Carwashes and distributors alike might find this helpful.  Here is a very extensive list of terms and their meanings exclusively for the carwash industry.  KO uses this Glossary to help train employees and distributors.  CARWASH GLOSSARY  (click to download)

  • Check out KO’s New Website

    This new website has many upgrades including: 

    • Up-to-date product and industry news – come see what KO is up to, learn about new products, and review industry news!  

    • An enhanced Distributor Toolbox – this is an excellent resource for Distributors to access MSDS and marketing material 24/7.

    • Links to Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

    • An all new Distributor Locator – looking to buy KO product?  Send us your info and KO will find a Distributor in your area.  Plus much more!

    Have a look around and let us know what you think.  You are welcome to stay as long as you would like.  Thanks for visiting!