Exterior Washes

  • Wash ‘N’ Dry #9170

    Wash ‘N’ Dry #9170

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    Specially formulated one-step cleaner and rinse aid for detailers. This unique detergent is excellent at removing soil build-up and road grime while carnauba wax and drying aids provide excellent beading of water.

  • Vehicle Hand Wash #9180

    Vehicle Hand Wash #9180

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    A concentrate formula made specially for hand washing vehicles. Blended builders and surfactants penetrate and remove even the toughest soils without damaging wax finishes.

Carpet & Upholstery

  • Karpet™ Shampoo #9470

    Karpet™ Shampoo #9470

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    Advanced dry-foam formula utilizing new technologies in carpet cleaning. Designed to dig out dirt and grime while enhancing carpet luster. Also available seasonally Winter Karpet Shampoo™ Formula 9471.

  • Winter Karpet™ Shampoo #9471

    Winter Karpet™ Shampoo #9471

    This product is designed to be used in the winter with a carpet vending cleaning machine. It may also be used with a hand application. This product is non-flammable and non-toxic.

  • Karpet™ Spotter #9472

    Karpet™ Spotter #9472

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    A Pre-Treatment for stubborn grease, oil, and dirt spots. For best results, use with Karpet Shampoo

Dressing & Protectants

  • Ultra Shine™ #9461

    Ultra Shine™ #9461

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    Our Highest Shine Dressing/Protectant

    Thickened, Water-based formula ideal for sponge application

    Contains UV inhibitors for Maximum Protection

    Long Lasting Shine and Protection

  • Pro-Shine™ #9460

    Pro-Shine™ #9460

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    A High Gloss, Water-based Formula that Sprays on Evenly

    Perfect for Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic, and Leather

    Contains UV inhibitors for Maximum Protection

    Long Lasting Shine and Protection

  • Max-Shine™ #9441

    Max-Shine™ #9441

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    Our Highest Shine Dressing/Protectant

    Leaves a High Gloss Finish

    Long Lasting Shine & Protection

  • Shine-On™ #9466

    Shine-On™ #9466

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  • Glass Cleaner #9425

    Glass Cleaner #9425

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    A non-streaking, quick-drying glass cleaner designed to remove dirt and spots effortlessly on windows, mirrors, and windshields.

  • Instant Shine #9464

    Instant Shine #9464

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    Designed for drivers on the go. Instant Shine gives tires and exterior trim a deep black gloss that last for weeks. No Wiping. No Mess. Just spray and drive away.

  • Interior Cleaner #9477

    Interior Cleaner #9477

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    Designed specifically for carpet and vinyl cleaning. Ideal for spot removing, steam cleaning, and general interior cleaning such as dashboards, consoles, and drink holders. Leaves interiors smelling fresh and clean.

Specialty Cleaners

  • Tru-Blue™ #9420

    Tru-Blue™ #9420

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    Much more than a non-streaking, quick-drying glass cleaner – Tru Blu does it all. Cleaning vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber and upholstery, this product is Truly a Detailer’s-Do-All.

  • Perfect Touch™ #9463

    Perfect Touch™ #9463

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    Maintain that showroom shine. Perfect Touch is a spray-on, wipe off sealer excellent at gently removing dust, fingerprints, bugs and light soils. Leaves a wax-like finish and is safe on all paint finishes.