Heavy Duty Fleet Washes

Detergents specifically designed for cleaning trailers, dump trucks, box trucks, trash trucks and heavy equipment.
  • Trailer Brite™ #355

    Trailer Brite™ #355

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    Our most powerful heavy-duty cleaner ideal for tractor trailers. Highly concentrated to loosen and penetrate severe road film buildup. Not to be used on polished aluminum.

  • Power Kleen™ #9115

    Power Kleen™ #9115

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    A heavily built detergent powder ideal for the presoak application. It’s high pH cuts road film and grease easily, yet rinses quickly.

  • Road-Warrior™ #441

    Road-Warrior™ #441

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    Simply mix the contents of this kit with water to create a Heavy Duty fleet wash detergent. Exceptional at removing heavy grease,oil, & grime from heavy equipment, box trucks, trailers, dump trucks & trash trucks.

  • Trailer Brite-E™ #434

    Trailer Brite-E™ #434

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    Trailer Brite™ E is our Drum-in-Box kit designed for heavy duty cleaning of trailers and equipment. The box features three separate containers: two powder portions and a liquid portion which, when water is added, creates the final product. It offers a unique blend of components which penetrate and removes a variety of heavy soils. Trailer Brite™ E is an excellent economical alternative to our popular #435 kit.