High Pressure Wash

  • Tempest™ #9141

    Tempest™ #9141

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    • Ultra Concentrated High Pressure Wash
    • Tough on Road Film
    • High Foaming With a Clean Citrus Fragrance
    • Builds Revenue With Lower Cost Per Car Usage
  • Fleet Kleen™ #9160

    Fleet Kleen™ #9160

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    A concentrated cleaner formulated for frictionless high pressure washing with a clean citrus fragrance. This mixture of synthetic detergents and solvents handle a multitude of cleaning problems.

  • Red Raider™ #9110

    Red Raider™ #9110

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    Ultra concentrated for a variety of cleaning applications. Provides excellent road film removal. Designed to be used in all automatic or self service systems.

  • Hyper Kleen™ #9111

    Hyper Kleen™ #9111

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    This is a fast rinsing, controlled foam wash primarily used in automatics. Hyper Kleen is a 100% active detergent that allows car wash owners to cycle through more cars per hour.

  • Super Red™ #9114

    Super Red™ #9114

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    Our premium, super-concentrated exterior wash is 100% active. This special blend of surfactants and alkalinity is optimal for grime and road film removal on tractors and tankers.

  • Thunder Yellow Powder™ #9117

    Thunder Yellow Powder™ #9117

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    Thunder™ Powder is a heavy duty powdered vehicle detergent that creates a generous amount of foam on vehicles. Thunder™ Powder was formulated for washing passenger cars and trucks in Automatic and Self-Serve car / truck wash systems and for hand washing. This product is an excellent alternative to some of the more premium priced powders on the market.