Premium Fleet Washes

Detergents specifically designed for cleaning tractors, tankers, buses and vans.
  • Fleet Kleen™ HD #9140

    Fleet Kleen™ HD #9140

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    Our best selling super-concentrated cleaner formulated for fleet washing. Provides superior soil penetration and removal with a pleasant spring mountain fragrance. Can be used as a presoak or exterior wash in fleet wash systems.

  • Super Red™ #9114

    Super Red™ #9114

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    Our premium, super-concentrated exterior wash is 100% active. This special blend of surfactants and alkalinity is optimal for grime and road film removal on tractors and tankers.

  • Road Pro™ #431

    Road Pro™ #431

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    Simply mix the contents of this kit with water to create a Premium fleet wash detergent. Has excellent foaming action allows for longer dwell time. Exceptional at removing tough road film & grime from cars, vans, buses & tractors. Contains a citrus fragrance for maximum customer appeal.