• Twister Purple #9144

    Twister Purple #9144

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    • Concentrated High Foaming Presoak
    • Neon Purple Color With a Refreshing Grape Fragrance
    • Quickly Loosens Road Film
    • Ideal For Automatic Arches & Self-Serve Bays
  • Striker™ #9150

    Striker™ #9150

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    • Low pH Advanced Formula
    • High Foaming For Great Vertical-Cling
    • Designed For Two-Step Cleaning Systems
    • Great At Removing Road Salt & Mineral Deposits
  • Fleet Kleen™ HD #9140

    Fleet Kleen™ HD #9140

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    Our best selling super-concentrated cleaner formulated for fleet washing. Provides superior soil penetration and removal with a pleasant spring mountain fragrance. Can be used as a presoak or exterior wash in fleet wash systems.

  • Storm™ Presoak #9148

    Storm™ Presoak #9148

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    Storm™ Presoak is a superb liquid cleaner formulated for car, truck, and bus washing.  This unique blend of builders, chelators, and surfactants quickly penetrates and removes tough road soils.  Storm™ Presoak is ideal for removing tough road film from cars, trucks & trailers, heavy equipment, fleet vehicles, or any other surface that needs a tough cleaner.

  • Premium Presoak #9145

    Premium Presoak #9145

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    A concentrated, fast rinsing, controlled foam detergent primarily used in automatics. It allows car wash owners to cycle through more cars per hour.

  • Lightning Kleen™ #9151

    Lightning Kleen™ #9151

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    A high foaming, low pH presoak designed for two-step cleaning systems. This non-hydrofluoric formula contains special lubricants for friction washes, yet versatile enough for touchless systems.

  • Power Kleen™ #9115

    Power Kleen™ #9115

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    A heavily built detergent powder ideal for the presoak application. It’s high pH cuts road film and grease easily, yet rinses quickly.