Rinse Aid

  • Black Ice™ #9211 Low pH Rinse Aid

    Black Ice™ #9211 Low pH Rinse Aid

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    Black Ice™ is formulated specifically for the car wash industry as a low pH beading rinse aid with a unique licorice fragrance.  Special ingredients leave a smooth, long lasting layer of protection, even on the sides of the vehicle, that promotes the beading of water.  Its excellent beading of water is ideal for tunnel or automatic car wash systems with forced air dryers while its pleasing licorice fragrance makes it ideal for self-service bays.

  • Sheen™ #9210

    Sheen™ #9210

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    • A Concentrated, Beading Rinse Aid
    • Gives a Long Lasting Layer of Protection
    • Provides Instant Beading Action
    • Pleasing Cherry Scent Improves Customer Experience
  • Dyna Sheen™ #9205

    Dyna Sheen™ #9205

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    For automatic and self-service wash bays. This formula provides instant beading of water with long-lasting durability in all kinds of weather. Can be used hot or cold.