• Aqua Shield™ #9245 All Surface Protectant

    Aqua Shield™ #9245 All Surface Protectant

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    Aqua-Shield™ is an all-surface protectant that repels rain and creates a shield that bonds to paint, glass, chrome and other surfaces.  Contains UV inhibitors and a proprietary blend of reactive silicone polymers for long lasting protection and shine.

  • Shield™ #9240

    Shield™ #9240

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    A super concentrated wax sealant with silicone based polysealant and carnauba wax protection. Has a great cherry scent for maximum customer appeal. Formulated for ultra-fast drying.

  • Perspective™ #9260

    Perspective™ #9260

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    This silicone-based wax sealant provides instant “sheeting” action that helps reduce water spotting. Leaves an additional layer of protection on vehicles. Very fast drying.