Specialty Cleaners

Combine KO’s Multi-purpose cleaners with these specialty cleaners, and you are equipped with the most comprehensive cleaning line to tackle nearly any cleaning task.

Heavy Duty Degreasers

  • Super Degreaser™ #219

    Super Degreaser™ #219

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    Our Strongest Liquid Degreaser

    Ideal for Removing Heavy Grease, Oil, or Rust from Steel or Iron Equipment

  • VHC™ #220

    VHC™ #220

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    Removes Tough Soils from Restaurant Vent Hoods & Other Hard to Clean Surfaces

    Penetrates Grease, Fats, Soy, and Peanut Oils

Citrus Cleaners

  • Evergreen™ #510

    Evergreen™ #510

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    A Citrus-Based Cleaner and Degreaser Tough on Grease, Oil, and Other Stubborn Soils

    Safe for Hand Washing on all Types of Surfaces

    Custom Dilute for a Large Variety of Cleaning Applications

  • Citru-Solve™ #242

    Citru-Solve™ #242

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    A Concentrated, Water Soluble Citrus Degreaser

    Ideal for Stubborn Floor & Wallpaper Adhesives

    Also Excellent at Removing Scuff Marks, Oil, Glue, Stickers, Gum and More

Removers & Strippers

  • Natural Solve™ #241

    Natural Solve™ #241

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    Uses special biodegradable citrus solvents for removing latex and acrylic paint from most metals with a wonderful citrus fragrance.

Low Temp Cleaners

  • Freezer Cleaner™ #3215

    Freezer Cleaner™ #3215

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    Cleans Freezers Without the Expense of Shut Down and Start-up Time

    Ideal for freezers -10o F and Above.

    Non Poisonous

    Meets USDA Standards

  • Cooler Cleaner™ #3214

    Cooler Cleaner™ #3214

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    Cleans Coolers Without the Expense of Shut Down and Start-up Time

    Ideal for Meat Lockers 28o F and Above.

    Non Poisonous

    Meets USDA Standards

Deoderants & Air Fresheners

  • Masque™ #4016

    Masque™ #4016

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    A Heavy Duty, Concentrated Deodorizer & Air Freshener

    Neutralizes Odors Rather Than Covering Them Up

    Ideal for Dumpsters, Trash Haulers, Drain Pits, and Any Other Areas Where Odors may be Offensive


  • KO Premium Laundry Concentrate #5126

    KO Premium Laundry Concentrate #5126

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    Our Premium Non-Phosphate Laundry Detergent Powder Blended for Home and Commercial Laundries

    Synergistic Blend of Surfactants, Builders and Water Softeners

    Makes Colors Brighter and Whites Whiter

  • Tidy Wash™ #5127

    Tidy Wash™ #5127

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    Tidy Wash is an Exceptional Consumer Laundry Detergent Designed for Everyday Cleaning of Most Fabrics in all Temperatures

    This Phosphate-Free Detergent is Blended with Additives such as Optical Brighteners & Emulsifiers

Low Ph Clean

  • Concrete & Scale Remover™ #118

    Concrete & Scale Remover™ #118

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    A Concentrated Acid Cleaner Designed to Remove Concrete, Mortar and Scale Build-up on a Variety of Surfaces

    Excellent at Removing Scale & Algae From Fiberglass Boats

  • Koil Kleen™ #110

    Koil Kleen™ #110

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    A Concentrated Acid Powder Designed to Dissolve Lime & Scale Build-up in Coils

    Added Corrosion Inhibitors Leave a Protective Layer Increasing the Life of Your Equipment

Carpet & Upholstery

  • Karpet Kleen™ #3370

    Karpet Kleen™ #3370

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    An industrial carpet cleaner that can be Used in Both Cold or Hot Extracting Equipment, or as a Spotter for Heavily Soiled Areas

    This Powerful Formula Cuts Through Tough Stains Such as Grease and Oil and is Ideal for Areas of Heavy Traffic

  • Enz-All™ #5676

    Enz-All™ #5676

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    A Safe, Nontoxic, Non-Acid, and Non-Alkaline Bacterial Odor Control Product Designed to Digest and Liquify Organic Waste and Grease and Food Byproducts

    Is Non-Pathogenic and Non-Polluting