Specialty Cleaners

  • Aqua Shield™ #9245 All Surface Protectant

    Aqua Shield™ #9245 All Surface Protectant

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    Aqua-Shield™ is an all-surface protectant that repels rain and creates a shield that bonds to paint, glass, chrome and other surfaces.  Contains UV inhibitors and a proprietary blend of reactive silicone polymers for long lasting protection and shine.

  • Black Ice™ #9211 Low pH Rinse Aid

    Black Ice™ #9211 Low pH Rinse Aid

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    Black Ice™ is formulated specifically for the car wash industry as a low pH beading rinse aid with a unique licorice fragrance.  Special ingredients leave a smooth, long lasting layer of protection, even on the sides of the vehicle, that promotes the beading of water.  Its excellent beading of water is ideal for tunnel or automatic car wash systems with forced air dryers while its pleasing licorice fragrance makes it ideal for self-service bays.

  • Shield™ #9240

    Shield™ #9240

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    A super concentrated wax sealant with silicone based polysealant and carnauba wax protection. Has a great cherry scent for maximum customer appeal. Formulated for ultra-fast drying.

  • Tire Kleen™ #9350

    Tire Kleen™ #9350

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    Heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser recommended for tires and engines only. Specially formulated to be effective under the most extreme soil conditions.

  • Wheel Kleen™ #9340

    Wheel Kleen™ #9340

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    One of our more popular tire and wheel cleaners designed to remove brake dust, grime, and carbon effortlessly without using caustics, acids or petroleum solvents. This formula is safe on polished chrome, aluminum wheels and tires.